About me

Since my early childhood painting and music were my great passions. My father, a painter himself, motivated me to draw and paint when I was still a little girl. So I got rewarded when I won the first price at a drawing competition when I was 8 years old. Besides drawing and painting music played a central role in my life. When my father was painting there was always music playing in the house which had its consequences on me. I bought my first guitar, took lessons and started writing my own songs. After my studies and final exam I packed my suitcase and guitar and moved to London for four years. There I got introduced to some of the finest studio musicians and recorded my first album. This set the foundation of the coming years, during which music, composing and singing dominated and marked my life and left me with little time for painting. Under my artist's name Olivia Gray several albums got released internationally and lead me to many places all around the globe.

But in spite of all these engagements in the musical field, I never lost my passion and love for art and painting. I attended several semesters at the South London School of Art and later at the school of design in Zurich. I also did the artwork and illustration of many CDs, my own as well as those of other artitst, which I enjoyed very much.

My paintings are figurative and my preferred subjects nature in all its forms, landscapes, sceneries, flowers as well as people . I am looking for harmony in the forms and colours of my subjects and my intuition usually guides me naturally along the process.
I mostly paint in acrylic and oils but I also found my own form of expression in silk painting. 

Art is an exciting and neverending journey of discovery which fascinates, motivates and inspires me.